A message from our CEO, Michael McCain

At Maple Leaf, we aspire to be the most sustainable meat company on Earth.

Michael H. McCain

 President and Chief Executive Officer, Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Sustainable Meat…

  • is ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE and eaten in MODERATION, in BALANCE with other nutrients, consistent with nutritional guidelines.
  • is produced adhering to ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS that measurably REDUCE IMPACTS across the lifecycle, LIMITING greenhouse gas EMISSIONS and IMPACTS on WATER quality and quantity, avoiding loss of biodiversity and ELIMINATING WASTE.
  • comes from animals that are RAISED WITH CARE, with MINIMAL use of ANTIBIOTICS, and to standards that RESPECT the Five Freedoms of ANIMAL WELFARE.
  • is produced through a RESILIENT, FAIR and EFFICIENT food system that makes OPTIMAL USE of LAND and NATURAL RESOURCES.
  • is produced by a company that is RESPONSIVE to the needs of society and transparently demonstrates our ACCOUNTABILITY to SOCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Standards of practice

Maple Leaf Foods produces approximately 40% of the pork that we process, with the balance largely coming from contractual producers.

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Auditing and corrective actions

A well-defined, rigorous and highly visible internal and independent auditing program is essential to ensure ongoing compliance and corrective actions…

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Antibiotic use in raising hogs

Our society is becoming increasingly concerned about the use of antibiotics in animal production.

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Creating shared value

The meat industry plays an enormous role in nourishing billions of people, but also has significant, adverse impacts on the…

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Advancing nutrition and health

Our society is becoming increasingly concerned about the use of antibiotics in animal production, with alternative drug choices for the…

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Animal care commitment

Our goal is to be a leader in animal care by following the strong values that deeply define our culture…

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Eliminating waste

We have an aggressive goal to reduce our environmental footprint by 50% by 2025.

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Animal care is one of our four priorities in our efforts to become a sustainable company.

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Education and training

Education and training is foundational to knowledge, empowerment, accountability and a strong animal care culture.

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Sustainable Development Goals logo

Sustainable Development Goals

Maple Leaf Foods’ sustainability strategy is well aligned with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Our 5 Pillars


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Our People

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Our Pigs

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Our Plants

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Our Products

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